Our 5+ decades of creativity and solutions-oriented approach has earned MM Systems the trust of the architectural design and contracting communities. Now that same commitment to excellence and value is available in our Sombras decorative panel systems. Sombras decorative panels allow designers to use an infinite palette of pattern, materials, colors and shadows to create nuanced subtleties or dramatic statements for any decorative panel application.


Below indoor lighting, Sombras decorative ceiling panels create interesting patterns on surfaces below while hiding fixtures and ceiling construction above. Outside, Sombras panels not only provide shade, but also create constantly evolving shadows and textures on every surface below.


Sombras decorative wall panels add artistic expression to any vertical surface. As a primary design element or as a standalone accent panel, the combinations of materials, patterns, color and shadows are limited by only the designer’s imagination.


Sombras decorative railing panels meet all applicable life-safety codes while allowing full freedom of design expression. First, choose from patterns that meet local code requirements or, design your own. Then choose a color, any color and transform ordinary railing into the extraordinary. Sombras designers are waiting to help.


Sombras decorative door panels can be used as a dramatic element over glass or as a stand-alone inset in door framing. Pattern becomes the designer’s tool in creating a signature look at entry and moveable partitioning doors. Adding any color imaginable adds yet another dimensionality to your creation.


Sombras decorative spandrel panels can camouflage or compliment any exterior surface. Color, shadows, patterns and scale make bold expressions or add subtle accents that will separate your structure from the malaise of sameness. Sombras designers will collaborate with you to design codecompliant support framing.

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